Monday, 25 February 2013

Project Life...

Hope you all had an awesome weekend, weather is very wet again here - it was lovely lying in bed last night listening to the rain pour down.

I thought I would share with you my pages completed so far for Becky Higgins Project Life. I am loving the concept and the fact that my photos are getting used, life documented and I can just record 'random' stuff that may not mean anything to anyone else, but is important to me. Mine is becoming a bit of a 'journey album' for the year, and I am totally fine with that.

Quickly before I launch into PL - I have just reduced this quilt to half price, my machine needs some repairs so this is a good way to get them done AND someone will get a bargain in the meantime. It is a sutnning quilt and perfect for a girl or boy. It has about 2000 pieces in it (approximately) and is currently being quilted so will be ready for dispatch within a week.

It is King Size and listed at $975. Click here to my Etsy Store.

Onto Project Life....these pages are from the week Wilfred spent with me in January, so happy with these and the times he is with me is definitely easier to put together!

Monday we spent a day out at Southbank with our cousins..awesome day and love the photos!

First up - the APT7 exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art...

Then we met up with cousins and went to the Dinosaur Exhibit a the cool!

We did lots of things later in the week and some of them are captured here..... sleepover with a friend, ear ache, Wilfred working on his own project life and a day at the beach.

I am really getting good (well I think so anyway!) with Photoshop and love being able to add captions and little bits and pieces to photos to tell the story.

Did you have a game like mine in the bottom left hand corner? I found it recently and Wilfred thought it was hilarious!  Movie tickets, catching up with friends and funny things Wilfred said all combine to make this awesome page.

This is one of favourite techniques - big photo cut into small pieces, mosaiced so to speak! Love it!

Recording the smaller details....where we live.... 

Onto week 4....odds and ends fill the pages....a quote I love, a tag from a parcel I received and some photoshop before and after pics!

Week 5....First day of school. I love Subway Art - just saying!

 How cool is my new ironing board cover? Yes, it is the subway art pic..he he. These two pages need a bit of finishing.

This week I have tried something one of the PL Masters use - restricting myself trying to use just a couple of colours in the week. This week bule and green, the photos were taken after the rain so those colours were the look and I will be trying this all the time now.

And that is where my printer ran out of I have come to a screaming halt for now! 

Have a great day.

Kylie xo xo

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