Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Turning a corner...

Today has been an awesome day! I really feel like I have hit rock bottom, turned a corner and can now move forward. The other thing I have to say does not matter what you are facing, there is help out there if you need it. Just keep looking!

I have also been LOVING this weather...beautiful sunny days to dry everything out, grass that is greener then I have ever seen and cooler nights. I went for a walk around our unit complex tonight taking some pics..and the Mock Orange flowers around the pool are just beautiful and the perfume is to match.

I also love that with the cooler weather imminent, all the beautiful wool starts to come out in the stores, this year I am determined to learn to knit socks. I love the socks a friend knits..check them out here......Socks, scarves and anything. Her latest ones are even 'patchwork socks' made from leftover yarn. 

Crochet was the first 'craft' I ever learnt (think I have already told you this) my Nan taught me in Grade 2 and I remember crocheting a chain that stretched across the classroom. That was the start of my creative life and is still one of my favourite things to now I am hanging out for the long winter nights rugged up with Fluffy and my project! 

Last night the 'call of the wool' just got too much for me, so out came a project I started last year but didn't get far. Look at these colours, what I call bright you think I should add orange?

What am I making? Crochet Hexagons, which will eventually become a rug.

Here is one hexagon...which is about 4" across.

Here is my blanket so far...there is a long way to go, the first few are a bit tricky but once you get the hang of them they are easy peasy. The beautiful thing is they are crocheted together as you go, so no sewing up at the end. Unfortunately there are still ends to tie in....looking for a volunteer??

Aren't they beautiful?

I am a bit sorry I didn't use white around the outside, and am still thinking about changing. I will make a few with white and then decide - it would be a quite easy job to unpull the outside round of these and change. 

Here is the project I saw and wanted one....
Photo courtesy of Attic24
I know you all want one too, so Click here for the FREE I used pattern from Attic 24! There is lots of different free paterns out there, the main reason I chose this one is for the join-as-you-go. There is even a flickr group called Hexie Love.

Hope you all had a great day!

Bye for Now

Kylie xo


  1. This is cute. I like it with the black and think its going to look great when you are done!

  2. Thanks Linda...I think I will keep going with the black!