Friday, 1 February 2013

Best day of the fortnight....

Just a quick post today...need to get some tidying done!

Guess who comes today for the weekend? 3pm every second Friday (during school terms) is my favourite time of the fortnight.

Here is a hint....taken on Tuesday which for him is the first day of Grade 5. What a handsome man is growing into, but I am glad he will still be a little boy for a while yet.

Not sure what we will do this weekend yet - looks like a wet one again. Hoping to get to Movieworld tomorrow but will see what the weather is like.

Wilfred has decided he wants to do his own Project Life album so we will probably do some more work on that - here is the title page he put together....

 And the pages he put together on his day Scuba Diving...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kylie xo

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