Thursday, 7 February 2013


Hope you have all had an awesome day...with a little of something you love in there!

I called in to Spotlight for black wool to keep going on my hexagons (see last nights post here!) - that is all I needed, two balls of black, my plan was to be in and out in under 5 minutes. That is where my plan came apart...empty shelf! Oh darn-it!

Then I hear something from the next shelf calling was COLOUR and it was calling my name...LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!

So I did - that was my first mistake. he he
Isn't it just beautiful, and then the thought comes to mind - SOCKS! I have wanted to learn to knit socks for about 3 years. Basically since I saw Anja's beautiful creations (also in last night's post). I have a couple of pairs she knitted, but I want to make my own. And those colours..oh my...of course two balls came ome with me.

Again, one of my earliest memories is my Nan knitting socks - she knitted all Dad's work socks for years and years and years. Knitting was the second crafty thing I learnt...quilting came much later.
Part of the reason I have never knitted socks is because I can't use double ended or circular needles, I have tried a couple of time and CAN'T. Well pfffttt to that - you can do anything if you try. I so need to remember that before procrastinating for years because I think I can't.

So race home, hot coffee, find the needles (also my Nan's) and try, just perservere and try. Work through the awkward start, not sure where the needles should sit...but keep trying. And suddenly I am off and racing...ohhh so exciting.
I got up late today, so plan on knitting the night away - maybe half a sock if I am lucky. I will worry about them fitting when I get to that point. This pair is all about the learning.

This is the brand of the wool - they have lots of beautiful colours in it, I love variegated thread and wool as it is so exciting to see the colours come together as you work.

Have a nice night everyone!

Kylie xoxo


  1. That sure is a lovely skein of yarn, I would have bought it too, just because.

  2. Thanks Ann Marie - it is knitting up beautifullY!