Sunday, 14 April 2013

Thanks & Show and Tell....

Who missed me?  he he

I have been a bit absent, had a lot of 'stuff' going on - particularly job hunting. After full days of writing applications the last thing I felt like doing is writing a blog post. That combined with nothing much happening meant a gap between posts. Anyway, hope you have all been well...and getting some sewing done if you are one of my quilting friends.

Quick update - Wilfred is happy and well and we are loving Geocaching at the moment!

You all know I have had lots of stressful 'things' happen in my life over the last couple of after the other. There comes a time when it just gets too much and you have to ask for some help, which happily I have now done and my journey is moving forward (YAY). The support network around me has been amazing and I encourage any of you that are doing it tough to just ask...look around your local area, ask friends and family, community associations and professionals in your area. Help is out there and oh wow does it make a difference.

Where is this leading you ask? It is leading to BIG thanks to Shane from Kyabra, a community association just near where I live. He has been amazing and a big part of why I am moving forward and not where I could have been. So Shane...thank you so much for your help and support and referring me on when neccessary.

I also want to say a BIG congratulations to Simon (best Lawyer ever, click here for earlier post) who has now started his own Law Firm - PATTISON LAW. Simon is an amazing lawyer and a good friend and definitely one of the good guys.....down to earth, honest, efficient and professional and is soooo good to me! If you happen to need a Lawyer for any purpose, give him a call on (07) 3166 9295 or click here for the website - don't forget to tell him I sent you!

Onto some show and tell.....I have been doing something while not writing blog posts!

First up, a quilt for my little cousin Briannah. The fabrics were chosen by Tracy (her mother) and the design is mine - after seeing the top together, we should combine more often! It will be hand quilted over the next few weeks.

If you would like a personalised quilt like this - leave me a comment or email me!

 I would love to create a beautiful quilt for your child!

I also finished this top - it is called Geometric stack and slash and is a quick and easy quilt to make from a Fat 1/4 bundle. This bundle is a range called Little Apples and the pattern can be found in my Craftsy here to go there now.

Finally, finished these three cushions which have been on the go for a while. Who doesn't love Dr Seuss? I LOVE LOVE LOVE him - the books, the quotes, the fabric, the movies!

These cushions are big floor cushions - at 24" or 60cm square they are awesome for the rumpus room and trust me, every child will LOVE them!

 The cool is that spot?

There is red, yellow and green! (sorry pic of the green one was fuzzy!)

Click here to buy these from my Etsy Store - but I suggest you hurry as they will go quick!

On that note - I will leave you with a quote from Dr Seuss himself....

Have a great week - more applications for me so wish me luck!

Bye for Now

Kylie xoxo

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  1. Glad that you are able to move on Kylie and are now on the right path. I guess having Wilfred helps to keep you focussed.