Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Hi All

I hope all of you that are in Queensland are safe and well - and drying out following the devastation. I am fine, a couple of days without power was a slight inconvenience....but times like that just makes me realise how lucky we are to basically live in luxury compared to some countries.

A reminder also that the new Pinwheels Mystery kicks off in only two days...jump on board for some quilting  fun and end up with a beautiful quilt. You also get a FREE Bonus Pattern...which is this one. It is called Geometric Stack and Slash and is a great quilt for using up those bundles of Fat 1/4's I know you all have!

Inspiration for designing quilts comes in many varied locations....floors, tiles, nature and woodwork are a few good places to keep an eye on. Over the holidays Wilfred and I spent a day at Southbank here in Brisbane with our cousins. I knew there was the APT7 exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art  featuring artworks from Papua New Guinea. Wilfred is from PNG so we headed in to have a look before meeting up with the others.

Wilfred LOVED it..he was so cute and so excited, walking around saying "I can't believe these are from my ancestors'. He is growing so fast and is so proud of his heritage and loves anytime we see or visit anything 'PNG'.

A great suprise for me, was part of this exhibit featuring some drawings from Tonga and Samoa...lots and lots of drawings. What do you think of when you see them?

Need a close up?
I don't know about you...but I see QUILT-spiration! Lots and lots of ideas and inspiration for future quilts. These drawings are of patterns that all link back to the sharing of knowleda about genealogies and ancestors, here is the description.

So much inspiration and I am pretty sure I will use at least one of these as inspiration for the JUQ Mystery Quilt due out about July! Love love love these drawings and there is so many of them!

There was also some items woven in wool which were really beautiful...again I could see quilt designs in them...

There was also this piece with the attached description which I found interesting...

Here is some of my favourites..and definitely to become a quilt, can't you just imagine them turned into quilts? Very simple but oh so effective! Perhaps even one quilt featuring a selection of the drawings in blocks about 12 x 15"...unusual but effective and big wide sashings would offset them perfectly.

A couple more for you...

Have a great day or night..depending on where you are!

Kylie xo

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