Friday, 27 December 2013

The aftermath...

Hi All and Merry Christmas again! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas day filled with family, fun and lots of food. Ours was very quiet with lunch at Mum and Dads.

This year I decided I was getting one combined present for Mum, Dad, my Sister....and me. It is a QPix Scanner for slides, photos and negatives and oh wow is it a gem. Christmas Day I spent scanning the family slides, some I had never seen and most have not been seen for 40 years or more. Some are a bit mildewed but on the whole they are in good condition and it is a process that is priceless. We now all have digital copies of the photos and can start getting them printed and into albums.

This photo is of me - taken close to 40 years ago, and it is outside our house in the middle of Maroochydore. Of course, it does not look anything like that now.  :-(  The quality of the scan and the printed pic from that scan is amazing.

 Other than that it has been a sewing sweatshop here. Remember that nice tidy sewing space I showed you last week? Here it is now....ooops.  Today I just have to stop and clean up!

Of course, my little buddy has been by my side the whole time - and has destroyed the surface on my design board...grrrrr Fluffy.

At times I have to fight him for the the risk of having my arm torn off.

Remember those african blocks I started - I am now joining them into a top - and only have one block left to make. How beautiful are the colours - and the 'photo bomber' in the corner?

I have also moved onto this one....most of the blocks are made, the rest are cut out and now I am onto joining. This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from Quiltville and used up lots and lots of scraps...yay.

I did brave the sales briefly this morning - but just picked up a couple of things, one of them being this cordless iron - it could be good, or not, at only $10 (from Spotlight) I am happy to take the risk and try it out.

Happy sewing everyone - hope you are getting some time to relax and enjoy the rest of the festive season.

Bye for Now

Kylie  xo


  1. I bought one of those irons also - figured if it wasn't that good then I haven't lost much money. Love the way Fluffy helps out with the block sorting. The African blocks look great. Is the finished quilt for someone in particular.

  2. I think it will keep it Jan - I like to keep the scrap quilts I make. Fluffy is a big help - sometimes!LOL He decided he wanted watermelon today.

  3. How did the iron work? If it's any good, I'll keep an eye out for one on special next time....I have their mini iron, but it's still in the box at the moment lol