Sunday, 22 December 2013

Making Progress

Here I am again, only a couple of days before Christmas but I had Wilfred until the 19th, so we celebrate early. That means Christmas is all over for me - and I get a couple of weeks of 'just me' time. While I used to hate it, I have realised this is my time to treasure - to do whatever I want and recharge my batteries for the coming year.

So in essence, that means lots and lots of sewing for me - time to pull out old UFO's, retidy both my sewing space and UFO's and get some things finished, hopefully!

I have done some rearranging and am really happy with my sewing space at the moment - lots of natural light, a nice breeze in the window and room for Fluffy to steal my pieces help. The little travel iron beside me is great for just little bits of ironing so I can keep sewing.

Over the coming couple of weeks - my 'focus' quilting-wise it to tame my scraps! I have about a dozen scrap quilts started or partly cut out so it is time to get them sewn up, finish the cutting and most of all use those scraps up.

Today I have been working on some blocks for this one - I cut the blocks in about 2005 - the quilt is by Kaye England from the book Quilt Inspirations from Africa. I did a workshop with Kaye (absolutely jump at it if you ever get the chance) and it was a pivotal moment in my quilting, the workshop was learning to use the half and quarter square rulers and many more! They certainly make life easier for quilters and I like Kaye's brand which are Nifty Notions.

You can read more about Kaye by clicking here.

My blocks so far - not bad for an afternoon....

My favourite blocks so far:

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, filled with family, fun and happiness.

Thanks for following along with me this year.

Bye for Now

Kylie  xoxo

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  1. Looking great Kylie. Do you give any of your scrap quilts away to chartities or keep them for family. I have some made up and am not sure who to give them to, or who would benefit from them most.