Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Knit One, Purl One.....

As the cooler weather sets in every year, out comes my knitting. This year it has been a little earlier than usual as I felt the need to knit an Afghan rug. Big wool, big needles and easy blocks means I have made good progress.

A friend asked me today what I was knitting - so Eileen from Touchwood Design, this post is for you! For everyone else..why not duck over to Eileen's blog after leaving here - she makes the most beautiful cushions.

I am using this wool from Spotlight....Kendra. Lucky it is on special cause it takes 3 balls per block - saving money is definitely NOT a reason to hand make things anymore.

I started with a pattern from Lion Brand - they have heaps of free patterns on their site. Click here to have a look!

Diagonal Rib....

These needles belonged to my Grammie, I have a lot of her treasures including knitting and crochet needles..and furniture.  They are missing the knob off one end  and the rubber band in its place is totally corroded...but they are still priceless to me!

Please excuse the carpet that desparately needs a shampoo.  This is the first strip done, it will eventually be 3 strips wide of four blocks - so 12 blocks in total. It is so snuggly buggly already, and I MIGHT even get it finished in time for winter.

Some close ups of the blocks....

Strip two is well under way, and it looks awesome beside the first strip.

Sorry about the really BAD photography in this post...but hope you get the idea!

Bye for Now

Kylie xo

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