Monday, 7 October 2013

UFO Count - MINUS 1!

As the long weekend draws to a close I thought you might like to see a bit of a weekend wrapup! I love the weekends I spend with Wilfred, but I also LOVE quiet weekends (like this one) I can spend at home sewing - shutting the world out for a couple of days and spending time with just me and Fluffy. I really have the best of both worlds.

It is stinking hot here - Fluffy sits just inside the door for the breeze...or on top of whatever I am trying to sew!

So onto the sewing....this quilt is one I inherited from my cousin and Mum's best friend who passed away close to 20 years ago - when finished it will go to her daughter.  Just a simple rag quilt with pink florals and white one side and blue florals and calico on the other. It is well on its way to being finished and delivered on time next weekend. Who would have thought I would ever deliver a quilt on time?  LOL

Next is a LONG term UFO and it is very nearly finished - I started this one about 6 years ago to use up all my shabby chic scraps. It is QAYG and so easy to do and I am really happy with it. Nine of these large blocks (made up of 4 @ 13" blocks) make up the quilt - I have 6 of them done and am not far off finishing the other three. I will join the big blocks with a different fabric to give a 'lattice' sort of effect, and will also just bind in the same fabric...maybe a pink?

I should have taken a better pic of the next one - it is a Nancy Halvorsen tree skirt from one of her books - sorry I can't find the book just now to tell you exactly which one. I love everything Nancy does, her applique style, quilts and smaller products and her fabric! See more her work at Art to Heart.

I have finished 3 sides of the stitching - just one to go, and hopefully that will be done tonight. You never know, it may just be under our tree this year!

 And finally - something I can cross off the UFO list - these pillowcases have been sitting on my cutting table all year just needing the backs on. Finally, in 10 minutes this afternoon they are done - woot woot! I LOVE hand made pillowcases - so easy, so much better quality and often cheaper. 1.7metres of fabric gives you enough to cut two lengths side by side perfect to make pillowcases.

How cool is that Santa fabric on the back?

The plans for this week are to finish the rag quilt, do some long overdue paperwork and finish the blocks of the shabby chic quilt!

Have a great weekend everyone - and Happy Quilting!

Kylie  xo


  1. I just now found your Blog, Kylie! I will continue to follow it. Love that QAYG project!

  2. Welcome Sandi! Glad you found us - I am planning on a QAYG tutorial really soon!