Wednesday, 26 December 2012

On a roll.....

I hate Christmas in a lot of ways....I don't see my son until 13 January, the commercialism and the roads to name a few.

However, I do LOVE the time out to just relax, shut myself in at home and just sew. All those projects I couldn't find time for during the year now get some attention.

I have an annual is summer here so I sew most of the night (often I will even watch the sunrise) then go to bed and get some sleep. That way I miss most of the heat of the day and am much more works well as I am a night person, mornings are BLERK!

Before I get into my show and tell..I am hosting a free mystery over the coming weekend, it is a really simple quilt (perfect for charity quilts) and is great to show off a feature fabric you LOVE. Read all about it by clicking here.

There is also a facebook group (Mystery Quilts by KK) if you would like to here to go there now.
So, what have I achieved this Christmas holiday??

This cushion was a panel from Prints Charming.....and is now a finished cushion for my bed. Simple running stitch with embroidery cotton highlighted the panel and was a nice cruisy fun thing to sit and do.
 And the back..don't you love this fabric?
Here is a close up of the embroidery when it was in progress...
I have also been playing catch up on Bonnie Hunters Mystery for 2012..called Easy Street. I am happy to report I am now all caught up and ready for Step 6 this week.


If you would like to join the Easy Street mystery the instructions can be found on the Quiltville BLOG by clicking here.

Today we had a cooler today, so I decided to move onto basting and quilting - this quilt has been in my 'must do' pile for a few months. Finally it will get finished in the next couple of days and is off to Bethany in Townsville....hope you like it Bethany!
I would much rather hand quilt - but sometimes you just have to succomb to quilting torture machine quilting!
My favourite quilt backing ever is Minke...including spot Minke! It is cuddly and warm and I find it easier to work with, particularly for machine quilting. Try it - you will love it.
So the back of this quilt is Hot Pink Spot Minke...YUMMO and perfect for a little girl!
Of course...I have help from Fluffy, today he spent the day testing the fabric for my mystery quilt for comfort..he thinks it passes but I suspect he may just do some retesting tomorrow. He did get very grumpy when I needed to sew the Minke and he could not sit on it - he sat at arms length, glared at me and thumped his tail. Aren't they funny?
I have the best cat in the world, he is always by my side.
I also had a play with ways to incorporate my quilts into my Project Life album (click here to read about PL) and came up with is sewn onto card and will slot into a photo pocket. I need to unpick and fix the journalling, buy a better pen or a label maker, but on the whole this concept will work well for each quilt I make...I will also add some photos of the quilt in progress and finished.
So, I have survived Christmas and am now on a ROLL with my UFOs and crafty stuff....and I have plenty more days left to spend just pottering!
Hope you are fitting in some crafty time over the holidays....everyone deserves it!
Bye for Now
Kylie xoxo



  1. I am so envious to see that you are caught up on your Easy Street Mystery. I am way behind, and spending yesterday afternoon on your Boxes Mystery didn't help one iota in getting me caught up.
    Anyhow, enjoyed reading your blog but I MUST now get back to getting caught up on the gazillion flying geese that I still need to finish.

  2. HI Shaz....there were a lot of flying geese! What do you think of the finished Easy Street Mystery? I LOVE it and am hoping to get mine together in the next couple of days.