Friday, 28 December 2012

Another productive day...

Are you all tired of show and tell yet? There is not as much today!

This is a quilt top I finished last was started a number of years ago for a wedding gift, however I never finished it (long story). I have a 100% rate in that everyone I have made (or even started) a wedding quilt for is now divorced, including me! So NO MORE, that lets me out of ever making a wedding quilt again - WOOHOOO. Mine? It is now a recovery quilt, by the time it is finished I will be totally recovered from the sham that my marriage was.

Anyway, like my life...let's move onto brighter things. Here is the top. I love the cheddar and I love piano key borders. Not sure what I will do with this one, possibly sell it, possibly give it to the person it was intended for, possibly keep it.

Guess what was on my agenda for is a hint!

Yes! You guessed it - more basting! I thought while I am motivated and on a roll I would get out another quilt top, I have about 20 tops waiting to be quilted. First the backing, my favourite in red this time - Spot Minke again, so warm and cuddly. I LOVE it! (oops, did I tell you that last night?)
The standard argument with is my backing Fluffy, not yours!

Pretending you are asleep will NOT work either!
We even played TUG-O-WAR for it at one stage...but my hands were too full to get a pic of that! It did make me laugh though...he is such a beautiful cat and has been my companion through everything, without fail he is there to greet me with unconditional love at the end of every day.

I should also point out that he has his own pile of Minke offcuts to sleep on!

The front is made from my collection of underwater and scuba diving fabric and represents a good combination of two things I love to do - quilt and dive. This one will definitely be mine, although I suspect there is a 10 year old boy who may have other ideas, he wants every quilt I make which warms my heart.

Complete with a little diver on one block! 

The machine will be fired up tomorrow as I would love to get these two quilted by the end of the year. Failing that we have a 'ladies craft weekend' up in the mountains in January and my plan is to just sit and quilt.

I also did a bit of baking today...Banana Muffins using a recipe you can find here. They are YUM and so simple to make. They would be even better with cream cheese icing, however most of them are in the freezer so it is just not worth making a whole batch of it.
Have you done some crafty stuff today? It is good for the soul.

Bye for Now

Kylie xo

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