Saturday, 17 November 2012

Makover Time....

Wow time flies...I have a busy week or so..finishing work, some shopping for home....and paperwork (blerk)! Now I have a couple of months off work - YAY!

So, my major project over the coming months is a total makeover of my bedroom.... ;-)

This has never ever been a nice space, it has just been 'functional' made up of hand me downs from my Grandparents furniture which does not match and is in need of restoration work!

I am tired of that and my 'theme' to create a beautiful space can best be described as:

Eclectic look
predominantly red
with florals tan and white.

If you are crafty, a designer or blogger and you have any items or products you think may fit in with that, I would love to see them. If you could leave a comment below with a link - it would be awesome! 

Of course..there will be a quilt and I think it will be using this fabric range - Holly Holderman 'Penelope 4' in red and pink. I LOVE red and pink together - particularly in quilts.

A new bedroom suite is to come....I had my Great Grandparents bed, and debated about painting it white...however I feel like it is 'haunted' (LOL) so I have given it to Wilfred. So many people have owned it and it was our bed when I was time for it to go and Wilfred loves it - perfect solution!

I would love to know..if you are separated/divorced..did you get a new bed?
Did you have the same feeling of the old one being haunted?
Leave me a comment if you feel comfortable sharing!

Some of the other 'pieces' I have collected so far.....(warning - I did mention eclectic didn't I?)

This awesome badger cushion is by my friend Eileen of Touchwood Design -
you can find lots more of her cushions at her Etsy Store
I have also been working on this cushion - the panel is from Prints Charming (I bought it from Kelani Fabric which is one of my favourite sites to drool over fabric). I stumbled onto the fabric for the outside of the cushion at The Quilters Store - my favourite local patchwork shop here in Brisbane. I knew immediately it was perfect for the look I want and I just used a simple running stitch to outline the motif and the background space.

I also picked up two of these in RED on special..if they don't fit Wilfred wants them as well!

 It is a start - long way to go but I pledge plan hope to get at least one thing done for this project each week...I hope you will enjoy seeing it all come together!

Bye for Now

Kylie  xoxo

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